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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator


Finally caught up after half a week off for mind-bendingly heavy freelance load, so there's a whole pile of Ludic Log stuff for you to gape at over Diet Cokes and Lance crackers:

Thursday is Politics Day, and this week's topic was the bizarre fixation right-wing warmonger seem to have on seeing an American city wiped out by nuclear bombs.

Friday is Jackpot Day, and this week's reward is a whimsical little dialogue about the seige of Stalingrad that is certainly in no way applicable to anything going on today.

Saturday is Lists and Sausage Day, and this week's lists contain spoilers for TV shows that haven't aired yet plus sausage that lets you catch up on the media consumption of a stranger.*

Sunday is mp3 Blog Day, and this week's theme, proving that I'm completely out of ideas only a month into the project, is strange cover songs.

Monday is Humor Day, and this week's laffs come from an indescribable whatnot that is certainly one of the odder things I have ever written.

There's also a few new posts up at Clown Central Station, my new dumping ground for assorted political whingeing.

Enjoy, as if!

*: By the way, calamityjon: if you haven't read Pynchon's new one, Against the Day yet, you need to get up in that shit. I'll save a full review for later (in brief, it's not one of his best, but it's very good, and certainly not as bad as the numerous inexplicably hostile reviews by some of the big papers would have it), but lemme tell you, if a book whose first chapter is about a gang of freewheeling boy adventurers called the Chums of Chance and their book-reading dog ballooning to Chicago to see the Columbian Exposition isn't tailor-made just for you, I dunno what is.
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