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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

No, I wuv OO the mostest!

Dear friends,

As you know, I love you. Some of you more than others. But today is the day for love, and here is my loving gift to you:

The High Hat issue #8 is up.

We all sweated like hell on this to get it out on time, and I hope you'll enjoy the results; this issue's theme is first loves -- the art, music, film, and culture that first influenced us, and how we perceive it today.

There's First Loves pieces by a number of the LJ gang: High Hat founder thehighhat on how Styx made him a rock geek; steve_hicken on being a tromboner (Steve's also got a tremendously good piece in this issue about Terry Riley's In C); andrewhickey on Jake Thackray; hipsterdetritus on how Pink Floyd led him to funk (Nate also has a swell piece on the imaginary spaces of video games); ezrael on weird Rhode Island.

We've also got the heroic calamityjon on Tom Waits' new collection and scottvond, our Bottom Shelf movie man, on art-house sci-fi. There's tons more, including excellent reads on Battlestar Galactica, aging action heroes, Annie Hall, Hill Street Blues, WNEW radio, A Clockwork Orange, P.G. Wodehouse, Saturday Night Live, the Basics, cinephilia, and The Rockford Files.

Comics geeks: please direct your short attention spans to this excellent review of Ron Rege's Skibber Bee Bye and especially this exclusive interview with cartoonist Aleksandr Zograf, both by Chris Lanier.

I've got some junk in there too: a consideration of the quintessential Philip Marlowe; an appreciation of the underappreciated Randy Newman, and, for the First Loves section, another cranky, defensive mash note to Thomas Pynchon.

Above all, please take some time to read Phil Nugent's An American City. It's a memorial to his friend, the recently murdered filmmaker Helen Hill, and an assessment of what the vanishment of New Orleans -- the town both of them called home -- really means.

Please do take a look; I think there's some fantastic stuff to be seen this issue, and we do it all for you. Happy Valentine's Day!
Tags: lit, whorin'

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