Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator


- Some people might have asked me, "Why on Earth would you get fifteen sex changes?" Here is why:

1. Decide I might like to see what life is like as a woman.
2. Figure I don't really like being a woman; go back to being a man.
3. Worry that I just may not have given being a woman a fair chance.
4. Discover that being a woman is even worse than I thought it was; go back to being a man.
5. Check for becoming a man again bounced, so doctors repo my penis and make me a woman again.
6. Get raise at work; decide to go ahead and become a woman again just to show those doctors.
7. Remember that I didn't like being a woman; go back to being a man.
8. Go ahead and become a woman again anyway, because hey, I can afford it.
9. But now, seriously, go back to being a man, that's enough screwing around now.
10. Go back to being a woman because frankly, after nine sex changes, my dong is looking a little ragged.
11. Decide on a sheer whim to become both a man
12. And a woman
13. At the same time, plus a little bit of some brand-new third gender thrown in there for kicks.
14. Go back to being a man because that totally sucked.
15. Remember that all the time I was a woman, I forgot to have sex, so try it again for that.

I think by that point I'll surely be gender-satisfied, don't you?

- Tasteful San Antonio Mini-Update: remember the fine art gallery that featured day-glo poster paint art of famous people done up to look like Tex-Mex food? It turns out that it's actually a collective. They have a new show starting next week, and the preview painting features a taco taking the Oath of Office. Also, there is an abandonded transient hotel down the street that was once called, according to an ancient faded sign,"OMAR'S GUEST HOUSE - ROOMS AND APARTMENTS - TRANSIENTS WELCOME'. Before that, though, according to an even more ancient faded sign, it was called the "FRISKY A GO GO CLUB".

- I was so shocked by the use of a Davendra Banhart song in the trailer for The Hills Have Eyes 2 that I'm mentioning it again for the eighth time.
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