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In case you missed it...

The CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) had their annual convention over the weekend. CPAC is one of the most powerful, high-profile right-wing lobbying groups in the country, so all the blowhards think of it as their time to shine. This year, everyone was talking about a deliciously daring chain reaction among the GLORY (Gorgeous Ladies Of Right-Wing Yutzery); in case you haven't been watching, I present you with this recap. The role of Ann Coulter will be played by Bebe Neuwirth with a bad dyejob and six kilos of Brazilian up her snout.


MITT ROMNEY, G.O.P. CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT: Ann Coulter, ladies and gentlemen! She's great!

CROWD: (applauds.)

ANN COULTER: I'm shopping around for a new book deal!

CROWD: (listens to sound of crickets chirping.)

ANN COULTER: Uh...I don't have anything to say about John Edwards, because you can't say the word 'faggot'!

CROWD: (alternates booing and cheering.)

MITT ROMNEY, G.O.P. CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT: Ann Coulter, everybody! She's so 'controversial'! Please vote for me.


MICHELLE MALKIN: I think what Ann said was tasteless and appalling, and did terrible harm to the conservative movement. Can I have her job now?

ANN COULTER: What's the big deal? I'm an entertainer! I'm giving the people what they want!

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: Yeah, seriously. Who didn't know this was going to happen? Also, can I mention at this point that Mitt Romney is dreamy?

JONAH GOLDBERG: Liberals have done things much, much worse. Although I can't think of any of them right now.

PAMELA OSHRY: How do we know that John Edwards isn't a faggot? I think he owes us an explanation.
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