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No matter how far I roam, the IMDB Message Boards are always there


Anybody else notice all of the Asian women? Throughout the movie, I couldn't help but notice that pretty much every female significant extra (somebody sitting next to a major role, working in a ski shop, etc...) was Asian... Did anybody else notice this? (If you don't believe me, watch it again and look!)I thought it was kind of bizarre. Just a strange over-representation.

p.s. Even though it would be an absurd claim, to those who might make it, I'm not a racist blah blah blah.


Just saw it - Persians were evil! This movie was great. A very nice representation of good vs. evil. The Persians were and still are a horrible and sick filthpile of human waste and I'm glad a movie came right out to emphasize this. At least they had the guts. Iran dislikes history because it shows how corrupt and evil they all were. This may be based off a comic, but the Persians -actually- tried to invade Greece. They had already conquered 2/3rds of the world.. which wasn't enough for their appetite of destruction. Whether a movie came out to portray this in recent media or not, THIS IS YOUR HISTORY PERSIANS, THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE DONE. You want to be proud of your history? Hmph, I never knew there was pride among savages.


Why do they always say Americans are stupid? I mean...not too many genius mathematicians in Botswana either.


the black guy looks out of place. i don't think in real life, white biker barbarians would accept a black guy. I'm just being real, what you think?


This movie is racist. It is inapropriate to teach our kids that racism is okay. The movie portrays Ice Cube as a man who has to try and break through tough odds and succeed. Do I even need to ask if succeeds. Well he probably will but then it inaccurately shows how hard it was for blacks to get a break. If Ice Cube gets shot then this movie should be commended for portraying realism in a kids movie.


Atheism makes no sense. Why would have a belief system to something that you say in the first instance doesn't exist? That's very silly. That's like me saying I'm antisantaclausism or Im a antitoothfairiest. An athiest whole belief system is based on something they say doesn't exist. I think just by pure implication, atheism actually points to the existence of God. Back in the day when someone believed that the earth was flat, that belief was based on something that did exist, namely the earth. When atheist say they don't believe in God or they don't have any god beliefs, they are supporting the existence of God. An atheist by definition is defined by God. You couldn't have an athiest if God doesn't exist.


Movie is Innacurate I read an interview with the real Vlifford Irving who was hired as a technical advisor but wanted his name to be take off the project because he said it was highly innacurate he told that beside the hoax and the fact he went to jail everything else was a lie. I really hate when they state the movie is based on a true story and especially that the guy that the movie is based on says it has little to do with the accual story.


Rascist!!! As a Norwegian-American I am offended by how Vikings are portrayed in this film. How awful. I am boycotting every film from this company as retaliation and blaming Iran for producing this rubbish of slanderous material of my forefathers.

No matter what movie you pick, no matter what thread on what message board, it will be no less than ten posts before you read the dumbest thing you have ever read in your life. God bless you, IMDB.

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