Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

What the fuck, Major League Baseball.

So, given that I'm probably going to be in SA for some time, I'm really starting to miss my beloved White Sox. I didn't get to see them at all last year, so I was determined to do so this year.

STEP 1: get the Extra Innings thing for cable.
HICCUP: baseball eliminated the Extra Innings thing and you could only get it with a dish or DirecTV, which I ain't getting.
BUT WAIT!: they brought back Extra Innings for cable this week.
HICCUP: just in time for me to decide that cable is a big waste of money.
BUT WAIT!: I signed up for that MLB.TV thing, which took me about a week to get up and running, but now it appears to work just swell.
HICCUP: Which will be great if the White Sox ever play a game again that is not (a) during the day on a weekday or (b) rained out.

STEP 2: plan a trip back to Chicago during which I can see the White Sox.
HICCUP #1: I can't go over Memorial Day, meaning I won't get to see them play the mighty Devil Rays.
HICCUP #2: July 4th is in the middle of the week this year, meaning I won't get to see them play the mighty Orioles.
HICCUP #3: They're only at home for one game the week of my birthday, and it's also on a weekday, meaning I'd have to take two days of unpaid time off.
HICCUP #4: They're away over the Labor Day weekend.

STEP 3: Go see them play a team that is nearby.
HICCUP #1: They only play the Astros once this year, at home.
HICCUP #2: The only time they play the Rangers in Arlington is in the middle of the week.

So, clearly, my chances of seeing the White Sox play live this year are ridiculously dismal. To indicate how desperate I am, I settle for just seeing some baseball, any baseball.

STEP 4: Coincide trip to Dallas to see Texas State Fair with Rangers game.
HICCUP: The Texas State Fair, in addition to inexplicably not being in Austin, is inexplicably not in the summer, but rather in October. At which time the Rangers are unlikely to be playing any baseball.

STEP 5: Take a trip on Labor Day weekend to any of nearby cities with baseball teams in hopes of seeing a game, like a junkie chewing on nutmeg.
HICCUP #1: Closest (and cheapest) cities with baseball teams -- Houston, Dallas, and Kansas City -- are all playing away games over Labor Day weekend.
HICCUP #2: As are Denver and Tampa.
HICCUP #3: Which leaves St. Louis and Phoenix, both of which feature teams in which I have no interest playing other teams in which I have no interest in leagues in which I have no interest and in cities in which I have no interest. (Although it might be nice to see some old pals in Phoenix.)

Seriously, Major League Baseball, what the fuck.

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