Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Nobody beats the biz

So, while I'm kinda down about the fact that, given its 9AM start and position opposite the biggest rock critic in America, no one will be attending my presentation this weekend at the EMP Pop Conference in Seattle, I do have an exciting announcement to make: NBC has bought my pilot! That's right: in 2008, the peacock will be airing my exciting new sit-com, Bunky Monkey, the Air Force Chimp. Casting hasn't been completed yet (I'm pulling for a minor Baldwin in the male lead), but you'll soon get to enjoy the comedic adventures of Bunky, the chimpanzee pet of Air Force Major Kenny Lawrence, who accompanies him on top-secret diplomatic and intelligence missions and accidentally creates major international incidents resulting in the death of hundreds. Nothing's set in stone yet but I'm hoping to get the highly desirable 8:30PM Satuday time slot.

Anyway, as you can see from the list below, I've already plotted out the first 22-episode season, and I'm well on my way to my ultimate goal of writing every TV sitcom cliche known to mankind into the (hopefully long!) series run of Bunky Monkey. But I'll need your help, because I haven't watched much TV since Ernie Kovacs died, and I may have missed out on a few. Here's what I've got so far:

EP. 1: "Bunky and the Wacky Neighbor"
EP. 2: "Bunky Becomes Trapped in an Elevator with Another Monkey He Doesn't Like"
EP. 3: "Bunky Makes Two Dates on the Same Night"
EP. 4: "Bunky Partially Overhears a Conversation and Jumps to Conclusions"
EP. 5: "Bunky Gets Amnesia"
EP. 6: "Bunky's Grandmother is Old But Also Really Hip and Sexy"
EP. 7: "Bunky Confronts a Bully"
EP. 8: "Bunky's Assumptions About the New Guy at Work Turn Out to Be Comically Inaccurate"
EP. 9: "A Very Bunky Christmas"
EP. 10: "Bunky Borrows Money from a Friend"
EP. 11: "Bunky Causes a Stuffy Authority Figure to Fall Into a Body of Water"
EP. 12: "Major Kenny Suffers a Series of Mishaps Which Bunky Attributes to a Curse and/or Voodoo"
EP. 13: "Bunky is Visited By a Cousin Who Has a Problem with Drinking, Porn and Mexican Brown Heroin"
EP. 14: "Bunky Can't Stop Spouting Double Entendres Around the Gay Guy at the Office"
EP. 15: "Bunky Has Lots of Reaction Shots Around a Cute Baby"
EP. 16: "Bunky Makes Vague Reference to a Current Event"
EP. 17: "Bunky Puts on a Show"
EP. 18: "Bunky Goes to His High School Reunion"
EP. 19: "Bunky Has a Clip Show"
EP. 20: "Bunky Goes to Traffic School"
EP. 21: "Bunky Learns a Valuable Lesson About Jealousy"
EP. 22: "Bunky and Another Chimp at the Office Experience Endless Unresolved Sexual Tension"

That's all I've got so far, though, and I'm going to need a lot more stock plotlines for the second season. Can you help a brother out? I'll get you free tickets to a taping, and some autographed monkey fur!

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