Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator


UNO: I don't remember drinking a fifth of bourbon and then being severely beaten by the police last night, but that is apparently what happened, because nothing else can account for how I feel right now.

DOS: Due to a combination of extreme business and bad weather, I didn't watch American Idol last night. Thus, there will be no recap, for which I am deeply, truly sorry. I wonder if I didn't really miss much, because it was "inspirational songs" night and that sort of thing makes me want to throw up, but if anyone wants to give me the lowdown, I'd appreciate it.

THREE: One of my favorite bits of wisdom concerns the difference between solitude, which is the fulfillment of being alone, and loneliness, which is the emptiness of being alone. Still, wisdom aside, sometimes you get stuck with the latter no matter how much you're trying to acheive the former. Did I mention that Thursdays are when I see my mental health care professional? Yeah, hence the mopey entries that tend to appear here on Weds.

QUATRO: I am being pleasantly surprised at how well WKRP in Cincinnati, one of the formative sitcoms of my yout', holds up now that it's finally been released on DVD. The laugh track is hopeless, the lack of clearance for original music is a huge problem, and it makes some missteps (any time it tries to get serious or issue-oriented, it's a warning sign, and the episode with these-kids-today-and-their-crazy-punk-rock-music is pretty much a drag), but it's really sharp and funny with great laugh lines and actors who are having lots of fun with their roles. It's the first show I can remember making me wish I could write TV shows, so it's nice to know that it still makes me laugh.

5: I have a piece up at The City Desk, a wonderful site you should read every day, and not just days in which I write stories about inexplicably persistent typewriter repair shoppes.

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