Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

The good, the bad, and the weekend

So I'm back at my day job (I had two straggler freelance pieces to finish over the weekend, but they wrapped up pretty quickly, so it's been cool breeze most of the way) after a four-day weekend. In addition to Monday's Memorial Day holiday, we got Friday off, because it was National Geographic Society Founder's Day.

"Wait a minute," I can hear a depressingly large percentage of you pedants saying. "The National Geographic Society was founded on January 27, 1888, not May 25! What's the ding-dong deal?" Well, Mr. Critic, it just so happens that in 1988, newly elected NGS chairman Gilbert M. Grosvenor officially moved Founder's Day to the Friday before Memorial Day, as a gesture of appreciation to all the hard-working employees whose efforts made the organization so successful. So eat me.

And now, what happened.

ACTIVITY: Sleeping for 12 hours on Thursday night.
CULMINATION:: Waking up on Friday morning, looking at a clock, and going "Holy shit, it's 12:30".
JUDGMENT: Fucking awesome. How I wish I could do this every day.

ACTIVITY: Making the best beef Stroganoff ever prepared on Friday night.
CULMINATION:: Eating every last bit of it by Sunday afternoon.
JUDGMENT: Fantastic. I'm still a congealing sack of fat, but I feel much better about being able to cook and eat decent food now that I have a properly equipped kitchen.

ACTIVITY: Playing video games for gigantic chunks of the weekend.
CULMINATION:: Definitively proving once and for all that it is possible to do just as well by randomly mashing buttons on the controller as by actually learning all the complicated moves.
JUDGMENT: Willamette, CO gots a whole lot less motherfuckin' zombies in it than it useded to.

ACTIVITY: Writing down a list of weekend goals and actually accomplishing all of them.
CULMINATION:: Whoops, except for the one about doing laundry.
JUDGMENT: I prioritize in reverse order of importance, apparently.

ACTIVITY: Deciding to go outside and enjoy some fresh air because four days is an awfully long time to stay indoors.
CULMINATION:: Going to a shopping mall and (a) encountering a whole bunch of really stupid and annoying people, after which (b) my car broke down and I couldn't get home because (c) the mall cops refused to give me a jump or let me use their cell phone which I needed to do because (d) naturally I forgot to take mine the one time I actually left the apartment so (e) I had to borrow a stranger's cell phone to call AAA and (f) the truck came out to give me a tow only it turned out my fuel pump had just gotten knocked out of place somehow and the AAA guy fixed it by (g) knocking it back into place with his bare hands which (h) is totally bad-ass.
JUDGMENT: That's what I get for leaving the house.

ACTIVITY: Drinking.
CULMINATION:: Drinking a lot.
JUDGMENT: See future installments of Draining the Glass, which you should totally be reading, if not contributing to.

ACTIVITY: Finishing all my current freelance writing work so I could start a new personal project.
CULMINATION:: Getting five pages into it, then deciding that it was well-structured, engaging and pretty funny so far, and thus deserving of my continued attention, however temporary and despite some serious doubts about the epigraph.
JUDGMENT: We'll see how long it takes me to get bored or restless.

And how was your four-day weekend or fragment thereof?


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