Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Fair Play

Got my Little Green Footballs fix this morning. I realize that it's wrong to crucify poor Charles Johnson by quoting the lunatics who post on his message board; therefore, I'll just quote the man himself.

(Note: I realize I am taking these quotes deliberately out of context and am stringing them together simply to smear someone, with no consideration of the source or the way in which they were originally presented. What can I tell you? I learned from the best.)

"the infiltration of militant Islam into university campuses ... passports to murder ... the murderous animal ... another horrific atrocity in the name of Allah ... Saudis continue to finance terrorism ... evil and anti-Semitic Bill Moyers ... disgusting beyond words ... serious Islamic nutcase ... Arab rejectionist murderers ... they reject the “roadmap” because it will make it harder for them to kill Jews ... freakazoids ... truly depraved, to the very depths of their non-existent souls ... corrupt unelected bureaucrats of the European Union join blood-drenched hands with the world’s most successful terrorist and his goon squad ... degenerate sultans in lavish palaces ... terror apologists and supporters like CAIR and MSA ... murdering barbarians ... Fatah (Conquest in Arabic) ... absurd puppet show ... how flat-out bugshit insane these people really are ... rotten bastard ... idiotarian prime minister of Malaysia ... Mahathir is a barking moonbat of the first water ... Arabs in Dubai just eat this excrement up ... incoherent, irrational Jew-hatred ... a modern jihad genocide ... international kangaroo court ... the Appeasement Bloc (France, Germany, Begium, and Luxembourg) ... French collusion with Saddam Hussein’s monstrous regime ... crypto-Marxist idiotarian LA Times columnist Robert Scheer ... Syrian liar ... the Arab world needs to wean itself from its addiction to blaming others ... a seething Arab yelling something incomprehensible ... wow, a Pakistani who DOESN'T support jihad in Kashmir! What a find! I guess I'll be seeing pigs flying pretty soon ... Palestinians support murder ... Palestinian Arabs are guilty of crimes against humanity ... 'incident' staged by Palestinians."

One of the most popular weblogs on the internet, everyone! Let's hear it for the Chuckster.
Tags: politics

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