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I posted something recently on Clown Central Station about this conference, to be held in Malibu, on "the collapse of Europe". The overwhelming majority of speakers at this two-day festival of anti-Arab nail-biting are, of course, not European, but rather hard-blowing American fussbudgets like Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt, which makes it even more likely that the conference will be wall-to-wall hilarity. Curiously, in the comments section of the post, more than one person suggested raising money so I could actually go to the conference, which I have to admit is something that never really occurred to me. It would be a blast, to be sure, and I would be able to get endless material, both for here, CCS, and Sadly!, No, if I were to do so.

It couldn't be this "Collapse of Europe" spiel, of course. It's this weekend, which means that even if I ponied up the outrageous fees they're asking ($350 for two lousy days of hearing Hugh Hewitt bitch about the permissive Frogs?), the short-notice hotel fees and airfare to Malibu would be ruinous. But it's worth thinking about -- so long, of course, as I don't have to pay for it. I'm dubious as to whether any publications would pay my freight; I've gotten expense-accounted to comic cons, music festivals and movie premieres, but I can't imagine who would want me to sit through a weekend of hot wind from Dennis Prager on their dime. Except you, dear readers, except you...would it be worth it for me to fund-raise for one of these things? Like, set up a PayPal account or something for some future nut-conference? Five or ten bucks from each of you would get me there in high style. But, on the other hand, what do you get out of it? Jack shit is what. Maybe some laffs when I write the thing up, but that's it. It would be an entirely selfish maneuver on my part, just getting you chumps to subsidize a trip where I would mock right-wing conservatives on your pocketbook.

Still, it can't hurt to ask, can it? CPAC will be in D.C. in February '08, and there's the GodBlog Conference in October, and there's always stuff being put on like this...

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