Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

What I done did this week's end

1. solipsiae and _sydlexic_ didn't come down this weekend because I am a bad person, so I ended up cleaning my apartment for nothing. But as it happens, I had an extra twenty grand lying around, so I bought a RealDoll and showed it how I cleaned the toilet and everything. I think it was impressed, and if all goes well, in a couple of months, I'm going to ask it out on a date.

2. Saturday I drove up to Austin to donate my PlayStation to scottvond, just in time for my Xbox to stop working. He thanked me for my generous gift by beating the living shit out of me at MLB '06, where his Red Sox beat my White Sox by a score of something like 25-10. Coincidentally, that's the exact margin by which the REAL White Sox have been losing lately.

3. That night, we headed over to the Carousel to see Parks and Wildlife, a fine rock 'n' roll combo fronted by good friend thehighhat. They rocked the funky beat with not one but both hands, and are the first band I know of since the Eggs to sport both a Moog and a trumpet. Also I drank some beers.

4. I ended up hanging around with another friend of mine in Austin, post-show. She inexplicably does not have a Livejournal, but she does have a liquor cabinet, and that's a pretty good substitute in my estimation. It is possible that we did something or went somewhere or at one point fell asleep or passed out, but honestly, after a certain amount of bourbon, I can't be considered a reliable witness of things I was doing.

5. Sunday morning-ish I headed back to tasteful San Antonio, where I intended to get a lot of writing done. Which I did, if you consider falling asleep in the recliner while watching baseball getting a lot of writing done. I don't. That goddamn recliner will be the death of me, I mean it; I'd never realized until now that the reason I never took naps is because I never had an appropriate nap-taking platform.

Anyway, I got a decent freelance gig this morning, and tonight is all about soldiering on in the writerly trenches. This week also begins Project Actually Get Some Real Writing Done, wherein I try to finish a book and work on a script and turn in a couple of long-overdue pages of funny, as well as Project Summertime, wherein I attempt to not spend the entire period from May until September cooped up in my apartment in front of a screen of some sort. I have no idea if fun can actually be had in this city; it may be an impossibility. But God damn it, I'm going to find out.

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