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Airport '38

Hello there!

This post is coming to you from Chicago's roomy O'Hare airport, where the last hours of my vacation dribble away into a haze of boring prior to my return to tasteful San Antonio. I'll have a full report later, when I'm not in an airport (thesis statement: nothing worth reading has ever been written in an airport, including this post), but for now, a few highlights:

- I miss Chicago terribly. Doing nothing there is a hundred times better than doing anything in SATX.

- Still, I would have liked it even more if it had knocked off the heat and humidity a bit. Every time I stepped outside yesterday, it was like jumping into a boiling swimming pool, and I seriously thought I was gonna die last night while trying to fall asleep. Which is much more uncomfortable than dying in your sleep.

- My friends are about the best anyone could have. My dear friend thaitea put me up several nights of my stay, gave me a very cool Middle Eastern cookbook, and takes good care of our fat handsome cats Gus and Kirby; rum_holiday and her husband Doug also gave me a place to stay, cooked me a fantastic meal*, and hosted a couple of games of Cities & Knights of Catan, one of which I won**; Lara and her husband theletterr likewise put me up for a night, were tremendous hosts who treated me to a great Greek meal in Lincoln Square, and took me on a tour of their awe-inspiring early '80s LP collection; and doraphilia and picodulce, who just moved to Chic, took time from unpacking to hang out with me (accompanied part of the way by thevulgartrade, meet my friends, and generally be the kind of people who make me wish I still lived with even more. Even so_crates was able to truck down from Evanston to have tiki drinks with us at Hala Kahiki, which was the same as it always is: fucking awesome. Much apologies to those of you I wasn't able to hook up with, including Annie, adsinfinitum, and fengi, and much love to those of you I was able to see.

- We also drank at the Long Room, which was well on its way to becoming one of my favorite bars in Chic before I moved away. never_fear was there with her new girl, and they looked and felt very happy. I drank at least one too many Southern Comfort and Coke, a hardcore white trash habit I have picked up from living in SATX.

- Driving around in my rented Malibu, I became quickly bored of what the radio in Chic had to offer, and I didn't bring my iPod, so I stopped at Reckless and bought some new CDs. This is how I found out that Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky by Earthless is probably my favorite metal album of the year.

- We saw The Simpsons Movie on Monday, and it was pretty good. Not ten-dollars good, as Homer helpfully reminds us in the pre-credit sequence, but a pretty couple of episodes of the show stuck together before it kinda petered out at the end. Any Simpsons ep involving both John Swarzwelder and Albert Brooks can't be all bad, and this one had both in abundance. Plus, I picked up S10 to watch on the plane! It's 1998 all over again, and that year was really drug-saturated fun for me!

- Yesterday was my eleventy-billionth birthday, and to celebrate my shameful decrepitude, I got a new tattoo. (Warning: soaked in my own gore.) The tattoo guy noticed that I had a huge spider bite on my arm, and said he hoped I didn't turn into Spider-Man while he was inking me up. I said it wouldn't be so bad -- instant celebrity endorsement. Ah, geek banter.

Enjoy your day, buddy pals. We'll talk more soon.

*: Andrea also made a cinnamon-butterscotch ice cream that was off the fucking chain.

**: Okay, let's admit it: I DOMINATED that game.
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