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Tori, you so crazy

For a while now, I've been collecting quotes by Tori Amos. Not because I like her music -- I'm pretty indifferent to her -- but because in interviews, she's entertainingly nuts. I mean, she's seriously, unquestionably insane. And as a result, she says lots of enjoyably pretentious or incomprehensible things. And not just about how she believes in 'faeries'.

This entry is really just so I can dump them all somewhere that it's easy for me to find them, but if you have any deranged quotes that reinforce my opinion that the former lead singer of Y Kant Tori Read is the most demented woman in music, feel free to pass them along to me.

"I'm in love with my women friends, but I just don't eat pussy."

"I'll tell you something that I am very aware of: my work doesn't relate to the masses. My work is really for the elite. And when I say elite, I mean the mental elite."

"On some of my darkest days, Lucifer's the one who comes and gives me an ice cream."

"Most boys would like to think they're the flu, wouldn't they?"

"Orchards are simple. A peach tree says, 'Some of me will be juicy and some of me will be dry I'm not growing for you; I grow because that's what I do.' You always hear some person complain about how dry their peach is and the peach says, 'It's not our fault you have no understanding on the proper use for dry peaches.'"

"Obviously, if you use the English language right, you can pack a good punch. You can get people to see something in a way they didn't want to--or weren't willing to. I see myself as a librarian in high heels, and I'm becoming more comfortable with that."

"The meaning of life is bran in your diet. I'm going to eat pasta now."

"If you call me an airy-fairy new age hippy waif, I will cut your penis off."

"I believe in energy, everything is energy. And therefore sometimes magic can be created if somebody is open to letting energy do what it does, instead of being so cynical, that you miss magic happening."

"I heard stories that they brought in this henchman from France, and I really aligned with him. He had Anne [Boleyn] move her hair over [before the execution] and he made her look away. He did it when she didn't know. Even though his job was a bit brutal, he had more compassion than the king."

"I am a real believer in looking at pain and taking it out shopping."

"I hated my name. My body was screaming to be called something, and it wasn't Myra Ellen."

"Fame is very tricky. It's like a pit full of stuff, some of it is yummy and some it is big monsters."

"My theory is that women were the Mona Lisas for a long time and now men are Mona Lisas with little goatees. They are our muses."

"Everything is therapeutic, no matter what you do."

"Just because I can't write songs sometimes doesn't mean that creative force isn't going. It's cheating on me. It's with Jewel."

"(Classical) music is not a reflection of this time... It was written before airplanes were invented. It was written before women could be pregnant, single and run their own business."

"I would have to be feline... Is there such thing as a Water Buffalo-Cat? That means I've been eating too much. Obviously, I'm a Leo... In some Chinese beliefs, it's the year of the cat. I'm Leo in a Cat year. Double cat. Double cat really defines my nature. Perhaps a cat with fins?... I'm very much about living under water... a murk-cat."

"If you're gonna be a librarian, why not have a pencil skirt and high heels? You still have to know your catalogues or you shouldn't be able to keep the job, no matter how sexy the leg is. It feels really wonderful to not have to be so hard as a woman and yet independent and equal in a man's world -- which I feel I am, as far as being a negotiator -- but I don't have to cut off my femiinity to do it."

"Some women have been pretty gross about my having opened my heart. They have not understood the power of the heart."

"If the listener doesn't like what is going on, it's partly their fault."

"I'm the thing that fundamentalist Christians cringe over."

"Sometimes I just want to grap a reporter by the hair, and drag her into the land of the faeries, and say, do you get it now, bitch?"

"Healing for me is being able to sit next to the butcher and say, 'Yes, I'm sitting next to the butcher now,' instead of saying 'There is no butcher.' Well, there definitely is one!

"It hurts me when a woman doesn't come through for me, more than a man."

"Feminism is limited. Listen, I can drag a man's balls across the country better than a man can. I run my own publishing company. I run my own label. I was the youngest student ever at the Peabody Conservatory. I was a musician first. I held my own with the bad boys that can play their asses off. I wasn't just the girl singer. But I don't want to have to play it better than a man. That's what makes me puke. I just want to play it like it is."

"'Kay, you guys, we've gotta have a chat. Now look, you paid money to come here, okay? Now some of you want to listen, and some of you don't. If you don't wanna listen, you need to get your money back at the door and leave. Because I'm serious. Y'know, now, this is the thing: if you were up here, which some of you might be at some point, some of you might not, but it would be really good karma if you had to be with you as an audience. So now you can rise to the occasion 'cause you're the worst one I've had so far. Okay? Fair is fair. Now let's do this again. I'm always honest." (Tori scolding a rowdy audience)

"My concept of the great spirit is not the controlling force that is in institutional religion. When I say God, I'm talking about judgments over thousands of years that are horrific - love your neighbor but do what we say or we'll rape your women."

"The term [feminist] has been linked selfishly with women's rights."

"Monsters are the best, most wonderful. Monsters are, um.... you know.... It's like, you've got to fight for your right to have a monster."

"People can be so vicious toward the imaginary world and it saddens me. You kill a lot of little people's dreams that way. You're no different from Hitler, as far as I'm concerned."
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