Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

The President is a Dhimmicrat!

I've been on a real tear at Sadly, No! lately:

We Have Always Been At War With Eastasia

The Man Can't Bust Our Jammies

That IS Exciting!

I guess the thing I love the most...see, you might thing it's the last one, because Foehammer is such a self-impressed dipshit, and because he actually shows up to yell at us in his distinctive 'I have a BACHELOR'S DEGREE in ENGLISH, you subhuman cretins' style ("You should be happy to be of such mental persuasion that most of you are incapable of understanding what traitors you are to your own nations, cultures and futures," he says, impressing all the other kids in his 8th-grade class; "Why would anyone take seriously anything posted in such a manner as your style always submits to the page?"), or because it posits a 12-year-old who passionately hates Muslims as a positive development, or because it features a guy saying that if Arabs are racially discriminated against it must be their own fault, or just because it's so generally hilarious seeing as Foehammer is a total clown.

But no. No. My favorite one is the second, the Roger L. Simon one, where he complains that the hippies were led by a bunch of self-hating Holocaust-denying Jews.

The fact that the hippies spent much of their time loudly and vocally protesting things they saw as evil (racism, unjust war, abuse of power) doesn't faze him, because clearly, what he means when he says that hippies did not believe in evil is that hippies believed different things were evil than he does.

But the real kicker is where he cites Bob Dylan -- BOB DYLAN, for crissakes, the man who made his whole reputation writing protest songs about racism, injustice and cruelty -- as someone who didn't believe in right and wrong. The evidence? Bob Dylan didn't sing about the Holocaust.

This has actually become a pretty common, if totally asinine, tactic with the neoconservatives: if you don't constantly and vociferously decry their pet evil -- to the exclusion of all other issues, because obviously people can't care about more than one thing -- then you obviously support that evil and have no sense of decency. Why on Earth should Bob Dylan have spent his time singing about how terrible the Holocaust was? By the time he recorded his first album, the Holocaust had been over for seventeen years, while the Vietnam War, the struggle for civil rights, and an awakening sense of economic injustice were in full rage. Was he supposed to ignore all that stuff and only sing about how bad the Nazis were? What would Simon think of a performer who, in 2007, refused to sing about terrorism or the capital gains tax or whatever it is he hates, and only sang about the Vietnam War?

And besides, Bob Dylan DID sing about the Holocaust. Which sort of undercuts Simon's claim that he didn't.

He gets PAID to write that stuff, folks. A lot of money.

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