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It’s been a long time coming, and it’s been a hell of a difficult haul – the whole editorial staff has been a-bubble with turmoil – but I’m very happy to announce that Issue #9 of the High Hat is finally up. (For you new people, or for you people who ignore me when I do whorin, the High Hat is an online magazine of arts & culture for which I am an editor.)

The theme this time out is “Places” – how physical space helps define art and culture – and we’ve got some really interesting stuff behind that idea: Erika Jahneke’s essay on how post-9/11 New York has been portrayed in fiction; steve_hicken on Charles Ives and James Agee’s America; scottvond on how the Maine of Stephen King comes across on film; some experimental short writing by eme_kah and Waki Gamez; and an outstanding piece by ninafarina on Rome and Tokyo in cinema.

Our music section features LJ’s own andrew_hickey on Brian Wilson, Greg Hough on Nick Lowe, and Phil Freeman on the wicked ways of black metal legends Marduk.

The “Marginalia” section sports book reviews by Phil Nugent of the Reagan diaries and steve_hicken again on Alex Ross’ new book, The Rest is Noise. (There’s also a good interview with Ross elsewhere in the magazine.)

For our film section, we bring you Kevin Fullam on how mental illness is portrayed in pop culures; Gary Mairs on the death of so many great directors in 2007; thehighhat on films featuring man at the mercy of nature; and more.

There’s plenty of other stuff, including a couple of pieces by me, hipsterdetritus on the other Red Sox Curse, Phil Nugent on forgotten cult TV shows, and others -- enough to distract you at work for days and days. Enjoy the Hat, tell your friends, and thanks as always for reading.

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