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Voice Post:

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“Hey Livejournal. So, some of you work in advertising, and some of you know something about advertising, so maybe you can help me out. I'm on my way up to Dallas to cover a convention and there's these billboards all over the place and they say, "does advertising work? It just did!" Burn on you, consumer! All right, so, that's kind of like putting up a billboard that says, "do people look at things? They sure do! Give us some money." Or, "do things exist? Yes they do! Therefore, we deserve your business." I mean, the point of advertising isn't just to get you to look at things, it's to get you to buy things! Also, I hear a lot about how even if an ad is really annoying, that's okay, because it's done its job by getting your attention. But if it's all negative attention, I mean, if the ad is so annoying that it makes you vow never to buy the product, it's really not doing its job, because again, the goal of advertising is to get you to purchase things, not to get you to be aware of things, because if it was, Exxon could spend a million dollars on ads and no one would buy their product ever, and they could say well, that was money well spent. So, I don't really buy that. If it's true that even negative ads are effective, why don't they just hire a homeless guy to take a shit in front of your house and then hold up a sign that says "Pepsi?"”

Transcribed by: tritium

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