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The charismatic dictator Adolf Hitler had risen to power in Germany on the strength of a populist platform of free giant stacks of money, street punch-outs, and the relentless persecution of the Hebrew race.

Since he was a little boy, all Hitler had ever wanted was to see his dream of plunging Europe into a horrible war that would utterly destroy it forever come true.

But the sinister forces of international Jewry had cunningly imposed a cruel regime of peace and prosperity on the world.

Even after meeting with some of his closest advisers -- the finest minds that Germany had to offer in the fields of poultry ranching, bank clerkage, off-brand champagne import agency, and heroin-addicted cross-dressing -- he could not think of an effective, legal and moral way to cast the continent into the fiery pits of war.

But then, in the wee hours of August 31, 1939, a miracle happened! Elements of the mighty Polish Army, possibly enraged by a German disc jockey's playing Shep Fields' "South of the Border" instead of Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow" as requested, barged into the radio station at Gleiwitz. A team of crack German investigators discovered a number of corpses, which was all the evidence Hitler needed to launch a massive invasion.

At long last, the dire Polish threat to the continent would be vanquished!

Tomorrow in World War Living Room: "Dolphy H.'s Shootin' War"
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