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Me and the IRS: A Chat Log

me: yo yo yo IRS what is up with you tonight my brother

irs.gov: how can i assist you

me: where my rebate at

irs.gov: please hep me in finding that shit out by entering the following information

me: you got it homes, i gots to get that mayonnaise

irs.gov: what are you going to do with it

me: i gots some major discretionary spending purchases to make, i'm all stimulizing the economy

irs.gov: right on to that my brother only here is the problem i cannot find out when you can be especting that moneys

me: what how come why for

irs.gov: ask again later

me: i am asking again now fool

irs.gov: perhaps you did not enter the correct information what i asked you for

me: perhaps you can suck a nut

irs.gov: i am but a humble computer that is beyond my capacities

me: anyhoot get on that shit, i need to spend all that money like the president tole me to

irs.gov: probably you will get it soon

me: when is soon, motha fucksta, i am sposed to have it now on account of my primo social

irs.gov: how about we audit you instead would that make you happier

me: no, no, man its cool

irs.gov: so how come you didnt talk to that girl at the bookstore she was all checking you out

me: i think she was just reacting to my funky aromas

irs.gov: i am a government-operated help line i know a scopeout when i remotely envision it

me: anyway it would not have worked out between us

irs.gov: y

me: she was buying an emily dickingson anthology

irs.gov: thank you for calling


May. 6th, 2008 02:12 pm (UTC)
You could have amused her by singing all of the poems to the tune of "The Yellow Rose Of Texas". Chicks dig that.


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