Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

So step up if you wanna get hurt

Count my iron in millimeters, my stash is in milligrams
But when I count coup then I do it in pentagrams
When I'm on like LeBon I don't blame it on Rio
But I'm throwin' the horns like my name was James Dio
Ghetto boll weevil, USDA primeval
Watch my snake jump like I was Evel Knieval
Size you up like a Brannock, growin' beats so organic
'Cause I'm heated, not frosted, I'm Satanic causing panic
All my metal is heavy, break you down like a Chevy
Packin' so many arms you might think I'm a devi
But I'm straight outta Hades, and I'm hell on the ladies
And I'm bringin' more fear than a thousand Max Cadys
'Cause I'm strictly a villain, electrifyin' like Max Dillon
If you think that you're still in, come and witness a killin'
Murderous on the mic, king of codin' like Vic
I'm sayin' "welcome to hell, kid" – now do what you like

Now I'm made in America like the hydrogen bomb
If you want my statistics, go to
It takes a minute to kill, it takes a second to die
And then a lifetime in hell, your punk ass wondering why
I'm the Beast of all b-boys, rap's Aleister Crowley
When you talk no one listens, like you was Coleen Rowley
You promise me scriptures but got nothin' to say
While I'm rewriting the Bible just like Anton LaVey
I been sent as an omen, like Damien Thorn
Pullin' trim like a showman while you're downloadin' porn
Got a sting in my tail like my name was Pazuzu
I strictly will use you, leave you with a boo-boo
While you mess with your levels I'll be raising the Devil
While you're cryin' for peace you appease me like Neville
I'm the Hellstrom of hip-hop, the first seed of Satan
I'll see you in Hell for the high crime of hatin'

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