Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

TIME! What's to become of me?

This morning I was reading an article on the Time magazine website, which I hate doing because they have that "Served By Advertising" service that makes every page take about half an hour to load. Anyway, they had this thing over on the side of the screen, basically just an archive search function with a graphic around it reading:

THE GREAT DEPRESSION. THE DUST BOWL. THE W.P.A. THE NEW DEAL. Visit the 30's and other challenging decades in the Time Archive.

That, of course, got me to wondering whether you can only visit challenging decades in the Time Archive, and how exactly they make that determination.

DECADE: The 1920s. (Time was founded in 1923.*)
MAJOR EVENTS: Flappers. Prohibition. The Algonquin Round Table. The stock market crash.
CHALLENGING? Not really.

DECADE: The 1940s.
MAJOR EVENTS: Global fascism. World War II. The Holocaust. The atom bomb.
CHALLENGING? Definitely.

DECADE: The 1950s.
MAJOR EVENTS: The Cold War. Prosperity. Hot rods. Beatniks.
CHALLENGING? Not so much.

DECADE: The 1960s.
MAJOR EVENTS: Civil rights. Hippies. Post-colonialism. Man on the moon.
CHALLENGING? More like really annoying.

DECADE: The 1970s.
MAJOR EVENTS: Watergate. Shag carpeting. Vietnam. David Bowie.
CHALLENGING? Yeah, but mostly because of Vietnam.

DECADE: The 1980s.
MAJOR EVENTS: Morning in America. Nuclear paranoia. The death of the middle class. Synth-pop.
CHALLENGING? At the time, it seemed that way, but retroactively, it was apparently a golden era.

DECADE: The 1990s.
MAJOR EVENTS: Clinton. Grunge. The dot-com boom and subsequent bust. That horrible crazy rap music.

DECADE: The 2000s.
MAJOR EVENTS: 9/11. Iraq. Oil runs out. Paris Hilton.

*: As opposed to time, which was founded immediately after the Big Bang.

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