Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

It's Hard Out Here for an Objectivist Pimp

The sun rises in the east, and Megan McArdle is a jackass: the world's tallest female moron camps out for an iPhone, compares the experience to being a refugee. When people get understandably upset, she employs the McArdle Defense*.

As if people misinterpreting her hilarious joke at the expense of homeless catastrophe victims wasn't enough, she was subjected to the horrible indignity of a credit check! Her, Megan McArdle, Atlantic columnist, treated like some common criminal or poor person! Happily, she recovers from the paralyzing shame long enough to make the noblesse exempte observation that all the people she knows with bad credit got it for perfectly understandable, totally reasonable, and utterly forgivable reasons, unlike all the "profligate" people she's constantly bitching about in her columns. She's a real prize, this one.

*: The McArdle Defense consists of claiming retroactively that something was supposed to be a joke, even though it wasn't funny. It should not be confused with the Goldberg Defense, which consists of claiming retroactively that something was central to your point, even though it seems to in fact contradict your point.


- Megan, who comes from a rich family, expresses bafflement at why, exactly, having bad credit or a bankruptcy is such a big deal (for people other than her).

- Megan, who is not British, refers to an apartment as a "flat".

- Megan rebukes a few correspondents who claim that black people routinely experience adverse credit conditions by claiming that would not be rational behavior on the part of corporations, therefore it does not happen.

- Megan, who has spent the last year complaining about the audacity of poor people who attempt to own houses, cites as a legitimate, understandable reason for having bad credit not being able to get a good job right away after grad school.

- Megan laments that the worst thing about "profligates" is that they are so wicked as to be immune to shame, unlike her, who has the decency to be embarrassed at some retail clerk's insulting assumption that she is some gawking rube with subpar credit.

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