Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator


I'll remember you, bitch, should I forget my last name:

"I understand they don't have much of an agenda to run on."

My middle name must be 'Fuck-You', 'cause every time I walk by, niggas be like, "FUCK YOU!"

"We are going to tell the American people exactly what I, and Joe Biden, and an Obama administration, intend to do to make their lives better. And I hope at some point the Republicans decide to engage in that debate."

My first name must be 'He-Ain't-Shit', 'cause every time I'm in the car bitches be like, "HE AIN'T SHIT!"

"I would argue that doing work in the community to try to create jobs, to bring people together, to rejuvenate communities that have fallen on hard times, to set up job training programs in areas that have been hard hit when the steel plants closed, that that's relevant only in understanding where I'm coming from; who I believe in; who I'm fighting for and why I'm in this race. And the question I have for them is, why would that kind of work be ridiculous? Who are they fighting for? What are they advocating for? They think the lives of those folks who are struggling each and every day, that working with them to try to improve their lives is somehow not relevant to the presidency? Maybe that's the problem."

Soon as I walk in, dogs are barkin' - haters play the back, I stay in front like handicapped parkin'

"If they want to work the refs, they are free to do so. And I think the public can make their judgments about this. The notion that any questions about her work in Alaska are somehow not relevant to her potentially being vice president of the United States -- doesn't make too much sense to me. I think she's got a compelling story. But I assume she wants to be treated the same way that guys want to be treated, which means that their records are under scrutiny. I've been through this for nineteen months. She's been through it, what, four days so far?"

In a heartbeat, tiger, you straight out the cup, but you're light in the ass, son, you weight 'bout a buck

Why not criticize Palin more directly, in light of the shots she's fired at him? "John McCain's running for president. I'm running against John McCain. That speech that she delivered was on behalf of John McCain."

Yo, you ain't from Chi, so haul your ass back to Utah

"What did you guys expect? This is what they do. They don't have an agenda to run on. They haven't offered a single concrete idea so far in two nights. They spent the entire two nights attacking me and extolling John McCain's biography, which is fine -- they can use their convention time any way they want. But you can't expect that I'd be surprised by attacks from Republicans. And by the way, I've been called worse on the basketball court."

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