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I know I've ranted about this before, but it really drives me to distraction. I'm sitting here at DFW airport, waiting for my (delayed) flight back to San Antonio, and the gate area is just amazing. Tons of comfortable chairs, designed so people aren't crammed up against each other; a double big-screen TV; flight information boards within easy view; plenty of restaurants and shops; and a quick, efficient rail system to take you from terminal to terminal. There's wireless access, although here you have to pay for it (the increasing presence of free wireless at airports is something that should be encouraged). In short, everything a traveler might need even if he's facing long delays.

Except for one thing.

No fucking goddamn electrical outlets.

This drives me insane. Surely the people who operate airports know that at any given time, half of the people waiting for flights are using laptops, cell phones, and/or PDAs that, free wireless access or no free wireless access, are fucking useless if their batteries are drained from a long flight, or a delay in the airport. Beyond that, electrical outlets are cheap, easy to install, and low-tech. They're also vitally fucking necessary for anyone who plans on, say, working on the plane, and who doesn't want to run out of juice halfway through the trip. And yet just about every goddamn airport I've been to in the last several years -- and that's a lot of goddamn airports, folks -- either have NO electrical outlets anywhere near the seating areas (which is the case here), or have maybe ONE outlet in the baseboard of a support pillar which obliges you to sit on the hard-ass floor and give yourself back spasms if you want to get any work done.

It's absolutely ridiculous. This is not a hard problem to solve. I don't think much of LAX, but at least they have towers of outlets throughout the seating areas so that you can plug in whatever you need to plug in while your waiting for the fucking flight to get there. GAAAAAH.


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