Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Sala'am alaykum, bastard

Attention everyone who clucked that it was "bad form" to boo ex-President Bush and sing to him like he was a pitcher getting yanked at White Sox Park yesterday:

Eat a dick.

One of the crowning hypocrisies in our our country is that if you're rich enough and powerful enough, everyone has to 'respect' you no matter what awful things you say and do, and that to ever publicly call you out on your horrible behavior, let alone actually hold you accountable for your misdeeds, is disrespectful and might hurt your precious feelings on your super special day. Well, fuck that. If this were a more decent country, Bush wouldn't be heading off to some multi-million-dollar mansion; he'd be getting led off in cuffs to answer for his crimes and those of his government. Muntader al-Za'idi showed him all the respect he deserved during his last appearance in Baghdad.

I don't have the time or the inclination to go over a list of the disgraceful policies he pursued while he was in office. If I thought he ever bothered to read a book, I'd wish that he spends the rest of his arrogant life watching historians conclude that he was the worst president America ever had. But I'll say this:

He did next to nothing to capture the man responsible for the worst terrorist attack in American history. He led our country -- my country -- into a ruinous war of aggression, under utterly false pretenses, and thousands of innocent lives were lost and billions of dollars were wasted because of it. His incompetence, inaction, and cronyism led to the drowning of a great American city. He oversaw a period of corruption and war profiteering unparalleled in U.S. history. He constantly sought to expand his own executive power while whittling away at the rights of citizens he seemed to see as subjects. His pursuit of long-discredited economic policies and utter financial mismanagement helped plunge the country into an economic slump from which it literally may never recover. And he left the country in such disrepair, such debt, and such degradation that even if Barack Obama really is the national savior some people think he is, most of his term in office will be spent cleaning up the messes left by his predecessor.

And after all that, his allies still show us no respect whatsoever. They openly mock the mere suggestion of hope and change; they refer to those devastated by the economy as whiners, crybabies and "lucky duckies"; they line up for taxpayer-funded bailouts that amount to more corruption and profiteering off of human misery; and the form their loudly trumpeted support of the troops ruined by their phony war takes is endless cuts to veteran's benefits to fund their upper-class tax breaks. Bush didn't apologize for anything before he left office. He didn't even admit the possibility that he might have done anything wrong, aside from a few P.R. gaffes he tried to pawn off on underlings. His followers are already howling for the new president's blood, and on his last day in office, he announced his intention to head to his fancy new house and go fishing.

In light of all that, we're supposed to put up a respectful silence and wish him godspeed? I don't think so.

He's gone now. I know Obama will try to do better, and he may even succeed. I'm retiring this icon today. But I'm not forgiving or forgetting. I'm not paying a false respect to someone who never bothered to show any to me, who treated me and everyone I know with nothing but deceit and contempt, who saw me as nothing more than someone to be lied to and fleeced. I don't intend on living in the past, but I'm sure as shit not forgetting how we ended up with this particular present.

So long, fucker. Thank your god tonight that you led a country that doesn't much care about justice.

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