Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Funny, that

You know how all the right-wing blowhards are always saying how, if Islam is not the enemy, they want to see one -- just one -- Muslim who denounces terrorism, or fights back against Islamic extremism, or whatever? Of course, there are millions of such people, and a simple Google search reveals tons of stories about Muslim leaders denouncing terrorism or extremism, but this is still a common refrain amongst the blowhard brigade: show us JUST ONE who fights for "our" side.

Another of the favorite plaints from the Fightin' Keyboarders is that Americans have turned wimpy (usually because of feminism or homosexuality or political correctness, goes their argument) and refuse to fight back like they know they would, macho seat-moisteners that they are.

Well, here's something interesting: in the Maersk Alabama pirate attack/hostage standoff, the Somali pirates boarded the ship, and were confronted by a gang of sailors led by merchant marine Zahid Reza, who, wielding an ice pick and facing certain death, stabbed one of the pirates and captured another, tying him up and then talking him out of any attempts at violence or escape. Reza is a Bangladeshi Muslim.

And not one of the usual suspects have anything to say about him. Crazy Pammy Atlas, who called the attack Islamic terrorism, condemned President Obama for his alleged inaction, and praised the heroic captain of the Maersk Alabama, never mentions him. Neither does professional blowhard John Derbyshire, who praised the captain and the Navy SEALs who rescued him. Michelle Malkin has written two columns about the heroism of the captain, and yet not once has she mentioned the bravery and initiative of Reza -- and neither have any of the hundreds of commenters on both columns.

How about that.

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