Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Oh, yes, it is decidedly THAT TIME AGAIN.

Come on, MCs! We’re off to the races
Grab ya mics, let’s get down to cases
I don’t know ya names, I ain’t seen ya faces
Step to me, I’m fat like laces
Y’all better stay in my good graces
I’ma put you through your paces
I’ma put you all in stasis
With escape-proof snares and need-to-know basses
My rep grew while yours done shrunk
Your DJ name is LP’s Punk
While you’re in club all tryin’ to get crunk
All the girls at my crib all waitin’ to get drunk
Ya never get phat ‘cept in ya girlfriend’s junk
So I took her back home and popped that trunk
And when she asked about the history of this howlin’ monk
I said “’69, white boy born with funk”
Old-school reminsicin’ from a distant era
Targeted for rhymin’ in the war on terror
Rockin’ ya belles like my name was Clara
And eatin’ out ya honey like I’m Yogi Berra
Strokin’ like George Michael played by Michael Cera
Knockin’ niggas nightly like my name was Kiera
Ya know ya mirror’s answer when you ask who’s fairer
You come into my full house when you only hold a pair a’
Aces in ya hand, you know it’s time to fold
You can’t keep up with me, if I might be so bold
I’m makin’ crazy hookups while ya stuck on hold
Ya just a dirty copper while I’m shippin’ gold
I doubled up the tempo while you got Rickrolled
They told you to STFU while I just LOL’d
I wish I’d seen ya mama’s face when her ass got told
That you got sonned by someone thirty-fuckin’-nine years old.

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