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The Fresh Prince Machiavelli

Yo, listen to the story all about how
I got changed to an adjective from a proper noun
So let me take a minute, now, if I may
I’ll tell you how I wrote a book called Il Principe

In West Firenze I was born and raised
At the tavern is where I spent most of my days
Grammar and rhetoric, studyin’ Latin
Wearin’ academic cloaks of funky-ass satin

When a couple of Medicis who were up to no good
Overthrew the republic in my neighborhood
I got tortured just once, if you know what I mean
I said “I’m movin’ to my family estate in Percussina”

I begged and I pleased with the nobles each day
But the short-sighted bastards sent me on my way
So I wrote about the prince as a public figure
Kicked the script to Lorenzo, I said “check it, nigga!”

Lived under suspicion, I said “This is bad!”
Drinkin’ cheap wine, kissin’ Medici ass
Is this what the people of Florence live like?
I told the Republic “Yo, son, take a hike!”

My homies tried to diss me, said I sound like a nerd
When I say a prince is praised for the illusion of word
I wrote of the utility of a bad reputation
And then straight-up kicked it to a fast food station

I whistled for a coach and when it came near
The license plate said ‘PRINCE’ and had a noose in the mirror
If anything, I could say the coachman was scared
But I thought “Nah, who needs to be loved when you’re feared?”

I pulled up to my crib about 1527
I yelled to my family “Yo, I’ll smell you in Heaven!”
My rep has been muddled by readers with no sense
But I sit on my throne as Big Poppa Florence.


Aug. 4th, 2009 05:26 pm (UTC)
I'll have you know I spent a good twenty minutes sweating a "Fight the Power" rendition of Dante's Inferno and just couldn't. So my hat is off to you, sirrah.


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