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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

FDR of the GOP

Here's fun: Doctor of Chiropractic Melissa Clouthier pens a review of Inglourious Basterds that ends up being the craziest thing I have read all week.

No, the crazy part isn't where she wishes that the Basterds were murdering Arabs instead of Nazis; that's just typical run-of-the-mill far right racist kookiness. It's not even where shes says that torture works because she saw it in a Quentin Tarantino movie. The crazy part is this:

By the way, to the liberals out there: Was World War II a revenge fantasy? Because technically, the European theater wasn’t “our” war. I mean Germans didn’t attack us. And that war cost a lot of money. And hell, we still have troops stationed in Europe. I mean, it’s like totally a waste, ya know?

The left resisted efforts to get involved in WWII. They didn’t want to see the atrocities of Japan, Germany and Italy, especially, because it didn’t fit their never ending selfish narrative.

Yes, who can forget those halcyon days of the Greatest Generation, when men were men and women were chiropractors? Every schoolchild learns of those glorious years when (though opposed by foolish and short-sighted men like liberal Democrats Bob LaFollette, Gerald Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Robert McCormick of the left-wing Chicago Tribune, Gen. Robert E. Wood, William Regnery, Prescott Bush, Herbert Walker, Henry Ford, Gerald P. Nye, and Hamilton Fish III) our greatest president, the conservative Republican Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- backed by thousands of brave right-wing veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigades, who had been fighting fascism in Spain -- spearheaded the American push into Europe and Asia, thus winning the war for the G.O.P. Of course, this was highly controversial, because the Germans hadn't declared war on us or attacked our allies or sunk our ships for years, but it later proved to be a popular decision that established the Republicans as the party to back when you want to win a just war. And, of course, it was FDR's successor -- the right-wing conservative Republican Harry S Truman -- who pushed for trials that would publicly expose and punish the war crimes of the Nazis, helped bring the state of Israel into existence, and championed the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe despite the opposition of nearly the entire Democratic Party.

Remember, those who forget alternate history are doomed to repeat it!

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