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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Game notes

First of all, yes, the Sox got their asses royally beat by the Giants. The Sox are a bunch of deadbeats out there. They press too hard at the plate, they completely dog it on the basepaths, and their fielding is just abominable. People like to say it's too early to write off any team before the break, but you know what? I'm writing off this bunch of sad sacks. Only the bench guys showed any fire at all, and by then it was far, far too late.

On the other hand, motherfuck all the people who booed Mark Buehrle. The kid has pitched his nuts off for us for two years. Last year he won almost 20 games. He's not bitching and whining during a rough year like Jaime Navarro used to, despite getting zero support from his team's bats or gloves. For people to boo him because he's having a bad year not only proves how it's all about what-have-you-done-for-me-lately, but that sports fans, in general, are the absolute dregs. Fuck all sports fans.

Incomprehensible line of the night went to some drunk guy in the crapper: "Mark Buehrle is a great pitcher, but he sucks!"

I did get to see a Barry Bonds home run. I was secretly kind of looking forward to it, even though I'm never one for hoping anyone in the opposition does well. Barry Bonds is the greatest player I have ever seen, and this is the first time I've ever seen him in person. And when he did crush one (incomprehensibly; I can't figure why Manuel didn't walk him), it was beautiful. Straight down the first-base line, with a magnificent arc, and ending up almost on the concourse. It wasn't just muscled out, it was beautifully hit. People better appreciate his ass, regardless of how big a jerk he may or may not be to the press, because he is the real fucking deal. He played DH, so I didn't get to see him field; but really, it's just as well. The Sox didn't get a ball out of the infield until the 8th inning or so anyway.

Speaking of which, I'd be pretty goddamn pissed today if I was Jesse Foppert (the Giants' pitcher). He had a one-hitter going into the 8th, and they pulled him after 8 1/3 because he gave up a battling walk. Then his replacement proceeds to give up 4 runs. I mean, I'm sure they did it with pitch count in mind, but Christ...sometimes, fucking let it ride, you know? Most guys will go their whole career never even sniffing a one-hit shutout.

Anyway, despite the Sox completely stinking up the joint, it was a pretty good time. Cloudy but warm, a pretty nice night to be outside. Got some sweet Hawk & DJ Bobblehead dolls. Very pleasant company. We sat in the club section, which is sort of like staying at a nice hotel where there's a baseball game going on outside your window. The food is better, the seats are great (and padded!), you've got a good chance at fouls, there's no lines for the bathroom, and best of all, there's waiter service, so if you're a giant nerd like me, you don't have to interrupt your scorekeeping to go and get food.
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