Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Tasteful San Antonio: The Greetening

Yes, it's time once again for to tell me things it mistakenly believes I would like more than not leaving my house! Let's watch.

Outdoors Fit and Fun Group

Ha ha ha! No.

Natural Weight Loss Group

If by "natural" you mean I don't have to do anything, go anywhere, or change my eating habits or behavior in any way, okay, I'm on board. Otherwise, pass.

Hatchet Rydas C.C. - San Antonio, TX Chapter

I don't know if I would enjoy ryding a hatchet. Also, I am surprised that there are enough Hatchet Rydas that they have their own community college.

The Dreams, Synchronicity and Imagination Group

Wow! A chance to be bored in person by other peoples' dreams, instead of just on the internet!

Republican Liberty Caucus of Bexar County Meetup


C4 Cycles of San Antonio

A motorcycle made out of plastic explosives, eh? All right, I admit I'm intrigued by this one.

Free to Be Spiritual Group

Feel free to be spiritual, y'allzy! I'll be over here being not that.

SA Support For Pregnant Teens And Young Mommies To Be

Man, I sincerely hope not to be part of this group in any way ever.

San Antonio Information Technology Professionals

A lot of crossover with the Republican Liberty Caucus, I'd imagine.

Stamping with Kimberly: Card Making and Scrapbooking

Stomping on Kimberly, you say? I'll be right over with my C4 cycle and the boys in the Hatchet Rydaz!

Dinner: Possible!

I love this one, with its promise that yes! You too might actually one day eat dinner, like those fancy Hollywood people! This one, by the way, was highlighted as "of special interest" to me, which means that thinks I am completely incapable of fixing myself a meal.

The San Antonio Center for Spiritual Living

But is it FREE TO BE Spiritual Living?

Course In Miracles Discussion Group San Antonio Area

Note: No Miracles Take Place During Course In Miracles

Survival Fitness and Racing

"Survival racing"?

Life Story Collecting Workshop

I kind of want to go to this and, after the first speaker, say "Listen, pal, I didn't come here to hear your life story!"

San Antonio Area Widowed Persons Service Meetup Group

This one was also marked as "of special interest" to me. Did my wife die and none of you fuckers told me about it?

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