Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Thanks to DJ Premier for the beat

I’m like Nick, the saint so slick that without him all your gears stick
Pick my disc and for sure I’ll make your ears prick
Because my fresh new single is crisper than Kringle
Bring my presence to your party and the ladies gonna mingle
Tell your boo, too, to write me a letter
It better come correct or I’ma drop it in the shredder
And on the envelope she should address that shit to Santa
My fan mail blows up bigger than a Sabado Gigante
Like Carmen Miranda, I’m a colorful enchanter
Soft like a silk suit, hard like a Black Panther
And the answer that she’s lookin’ for is yes
Come up to my room, I won’t make you confess
I know you been a good girl, got your name on my list
Fill you up with love like a true philanthropist
Just don’t get pissed if you got to wait in line
I have to satisfy each girl in the world by 11:59

I wonder, are you jolly enough?
You got the holly and stuff, but your mistletoe is hangin’ kinda rough
I got the big white beard, don’t be afeared of my style
S. Claus is the name, because I’m the same one makes ya mama smile
P-E-R-E N-O-E-L’s how I’m spellin’
North Pole dwellin’, I know you’re buyin’ what I’m sellin’
Ho-ho-hoes around the block when I come yellin’
Step to Claus, I’m gonna mush you on the melon
Got the loot, you know I never play the stick-‘em-up
Your gifts I’m droppin’ off, your girl I’m pickin’ up
Backin’ up your chimney while you’re pullin’ on your jimmy
Ace of bass like Lemmy, gonna make your sugar shimmy
I can see under the tree all of my cookies you stole
I ain’t mad at you, though, I like the hole and the Pole
So let me introduce you to the head elf in charge
KRS livin’ large, bust your face like Large Marge

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