Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

I'd like to buy you a clue, Pat

So it turns out that beloved game show host Pat Sajak is a right-wing conservative, and, possibly coincidentally, a moron. In his first post at NRO's Corner blog, he asks:

- Should government employees get to vote in elections where they have a personal stake in the outcome?

It appears not to have occurred to Pat that everyone gets to vote in elections where they have a personal stake in the outcome, or that this is the very reason that people vote in the first place. Questions he does not ask include:

- Should taxpayers get to vote on whether or not they should have to pay taxes?
- Should residents of a community get to vote on things that might benefit that community?
- Should rich people get to vote on legislation they themselves hired a lobbyist to write?

I'm not quite sure whether to characterize the belief that people shouldn't be allowed to vote on issues in which they have a personal stake as incredibly ignorant or incredibly stupid, but it's somewhere along that spectrum.

TRIPLE KITTY BONUS: The Corner now allows comments, so we get to read responses from its genius readers even dumber than the original post:

This suggestion sounds more than a little left-wing to me. What if the left suggested that the overwhelmingly conservative military not be able to vote on certain issues? I'm thinking you might have a problem with that. No, the answer it to outlaw public employee unions.

What's more hilarious: the accusation that it's "left-wing" to deny people their voting rights, when throughout history it's been the left who fought to extend the franchise to more people and the right who sought to limit it -- or the idea that a much better, more fair 'solution' to this non-problem would be to outlaw unions altogether? We'll have the answer after this commercial message.

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