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El balanceo de ojo mas grande

I have some opinions on the whole Cuban exile/anti-Castro movement, but I'm not going to get into them, because they tend to get me yelled at. However, I do want to point out something about this.

Please note the following excerpt:

Eventually, a man posing as a Chavez aide asked Castro: "Do you agree with the shit on the island, murderer?" and added, "You fell for it ... the whole of Miami is listening to you, Fidel Castro."

"What did I fall for, you shit," the irate Cuban leader answered, adding further crude expletives, including references to the anatomy of the host's mother.

"He used very obscene words the president of a country should never use," said the radio host Joe Ferrero said later.

So, to summarize: they call the head of state of a sovereign nation on the phone and lie to him. They call him shit. They call him a murderer. And who's the bad guy? It's CASTRO, because he used language unbecoming of the president of a country in response to this moronic provocation.

I really love this story, because it combines the low-grade, junior-high sense of humor of the typical drive-time DJ with the overblown hatred of Castro and transparent sense of entitlement of the Cuban exile community in general. Thanks, the news!
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