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Hello the Internet I Love You: Two Tickets to Stupid-Ass

Your Yahoo! News, your YouTube, your Atlas Shrugs, they come and go.  Some web site comment sections go to college to get more knowledge, and some go to Jupiter to get more stupider.  But one comment section reigns supreme.  One comments section has come out on top, year after year, in its ability to attract people have something crazy to say, and are going to say it no matter how little it is connected to the subject at hand.  Let’s see what’s happening, then, at the Internet Movie Database.


Hawkeye is a famous sniper who uses his sniper gun to shoot Hippies who do the V peace fingers sign like Austin Powers, and puts them in Guantanamo to get raped in Guantanamo.”


Many people are shouting, people often using the phrases ‘ain’t no thang’,’Ya know’ wat im saying?’, ‘Oh no ya deeeedn’t’, *beep* PLEASE!’, ‘Playah’, ‘Ey yo wassup?’, ‘Ayo, it’s all good bro’, ‘Fizzel shizzel no hazzel in the daazzle aiiiiiiiiiight?’ and ‘Wanna smoke weed?’. Often the people are using baggy cloths and are listeing to RnB/Hip-hop. Most of the people are wearing any kind of weapon and can’t use it properly.”


I’ve been to Rio DeJaneiro back in 2008, when I served in the Navy. I thought the filmmakers made Rio look a lot nicer and cleaner than it really is. They made it seem like a nice family vacation spot. I can tell you first hand it is not.The only decent areas are the beaches, Ipanema and Copacabana, and they are still heavily populated by prostitutes advertising their wares. Once night falls, there are people literally covering themselves up in sheets and blankets and snuggling against buildings along side major streets, kids are soliciting for whore houses, kids are trying to rob people with box cutters (happened to us). It’s not all happy-go-lucky.”


i can’t believe people are trying to defend this movie or make excuses for why the same old black stereo types are being used. the answer is really simple. this movie is for white people. the fact that tyler perry didn’t produce it is enough evidence to support my argument. i’m sure that they aren’t marketing this movie on BET. its for white people.”


Its like the 2 families are White, Rich, WASP-y Hamptons people, but their African-American. Now thats not to say some African Americans cant afford the lifestyle, but it seems like they are all living in an uppity cracker world as uppity crackers. Just seems almost over the top unrealistic and a mismatch. Thoughts?”


This whole discussion (all the threads) about THE BEAVER brings up to me the arrogance of hollywood. I am no movie star, but I’ve had a couple of small exposures to it (my son had a couple of extra parts in TV shows filming, and I have a friend who has done some art work related to a future movie – and so had some interaction with some hollywood people). I’ll just say that many of them are an amazingly arrogant bunch. During filming extras are told that they’re fired if they so much as say HI to an actor. And my friend with the art work had a similar experience; and only when one of the actors came down to his level was he allowed to even speak. There are some great people playing some of the great roles. But a lot of snobbery. Mel Gibson is a regular guy with regular people problems trying to survive in a very arrogant world (Hollywood). In some ways, THE BEAVER is almost like a picture of hollywood over all. I don’t think all of the things he has done are okay, nor do I derate him as a human being because of them. I don’t agree with the strange things TOM CRUISE is into, but I loved KNIGHT & DAY. I don’t approve of throwing telephones at clerks (for which I believe he apologized), but I loved GLADIATOR with Russell Crowe. I don’t approve of the problems Robert Downey Jr. had, but I love IRON MAN2. The list is very long. But I think I made the point.”


As a fan of Pink Floyd, I find your label to be mildly insulting despite your proclamation that the stereotype is ‘true’. I have never once smoked marijuana (although I do support it’s legalization), but even I must admit that the Pink Floyd/stoner correlation will probably never go away. It’s a shame that those who listen to good music can be so easily slapped with the ‘stoner’ label. The same applies for heavy metal listeners. I have a friend who listens to hardly anything outside that genre and exhibits none of the behaviors associated with it. And guess what! He’s one of the nicest guys I know! So please, just because a stereotype is prevalent doesn’t mean it’s ‘true.’”


why was the world vision volunteer speaking french in thailand?”


Let’s replace the PEOPLE mutilated and killed in the this ‘movie’ with dogs and cats..Why is that not acceptable by our ‘society’… but this is? Why do we as a civilized society accept the slaughter of humans for entertainment purposes?”


“Will there really gonna be Dragons in this movie? Just wondering because from the synopsis – it doesen’t seem this way”


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