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A schediastic hootenanny

When people wore pajamas and lived life slow

Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator
7 August 1969
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a separate piece, american milk solids council, augustus caesar, bad wushu dialogue, being boring, believing in things, bitin’ like rich kiel, breaking kayfabe, buddha sack, building with cheese, capes and cowls, catantrums, containing multitudes, crazy eyebrows, crying vegeta, dancing with frankenstein, defending "the osterman weekend", deorganizing, detournement, do what now?, doin’ it, doin’ it some more, doll ideology, double hockey sticks, dr. doom, drankin’, eating beyond my means, electron-pushing, emulating henry darger, fictional pornographers, forgotten cereal mascots, formalist jokes, fuck you schoolboy, fuckin' up my christmas, funnybooks, geek taxonomy, genrefucking, getting defensive about postmodernism, gotham city neighborhoodies, hard like a criminal, harry stephen keeler, having 110 interests, having too many books, helping terrorists via relativism, hillbilly culture, icons of the flash being a jackass, idealized ratedness, inflatable darkseid, jack 'king' kirby, jandek popularity, japery, joseph beuys’ garage, junk culture, kidding on the square, killer laundry trucks, killing a wally, laffs, ludic log, making long meaningless lists, makin’ dollars, mccrunley!, metalface, microgenerations, modok, monster national anthems, naked lay-teez, neo-pragmatism, nerdcore, new icon sets, no you suck!, nobrow, noisy mean and unpopular, not believing in things, not buyin’ it, not roleplaying, outmoded slang, potlach, prez, reading in the shower, rejigging my interests list, richard rorty’s car, road trips to nowhere, ruining everything, sad little clowns, samizdat, saying “you’re funny!”, shaking the crime stick, shooting irons, sleeping on the floor, something you do, something you live, songs about mules, soul food barbeques, subset humor, tawdry celebrity limericks, telepathic apes, terror alert betting pools, thank you d. boon, that guy!, the crappys, the feast of shame, the funk, things that don’t matter, things that matter less, thinking about robots, tiki tom, tom atkins, writin’, yelling “south side!”, zombie irony